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You see, our world revolves around: 1. The Father, 2, The Son, and 3. The Holy Ghost. We are forever thankful for GOD, The Father's Mercy and Grace, that lets us do what we do. Who also owns the world and everything in it !! GIVE HIM THE GLORY !! We are so greatful for JESUS, THE SON, whom shed His blood on Calvery's cross, so we could have eternal life in Heaven one day !! Who also gave us the great commission to; "go out and TELL", not "go out and SELL" THE GOSPEL !! And last but not least, We are constantly aware of The HOLY GHOST, who dwells inside us, leading, guiding, and directing us as we journey down this path of life. To convict us when we're wrong, and to swell within and overflow when we rejoice !! Let me tell you a little about us. We're Tommy and Sandra Harper. We're both Born Again Christians, that feel we've been called to share The Gospel through testimony and song. This year (2006) marks our 14th year of sharing our faith. We've raised two sons, Shane, and Tommy III, who, also have been blessed with wonderful ladies..Kayla (Shane), and Allie (TommyIII). Shane and Kayla blessed us with our first grand-daughter, Fallyn Jade. Oh the joys of being a "grand-parent!! At the present time, we live in a small town in South Carolina called, Fair Play. We hope to be relocating in the future to the Hayesville, North Carolina area. We attend, Shiloh Baptist church in Hayesville, N.C. God has really been using us in that area.....What a Blessing it is to serve Him. God has blessed us with our very own "State Of The Art" recording studio called : Purple Robe Studios. We have just finished recording our 10th project. All can be ordered from the "products" page or from our singing services. God has allowed us to go all over the country sharing the name of Jesus, and we would love to come to your town, or church. We've treasured the friends we've met along this journey, and stay in touch with many. We are, and have always been a "Faith" ministry : meaning, we don't charge a fee or ask for a set amount to come minister. We're sharing a free gift, that was freely given to us, our convictions would never let us charge for that, even though it was bought with a Great price, being the shed blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We would count it a privilege to share our faith and ministry with Ya'll, so Call or email us today!!

Tommy and Sandra Harper

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